Illustrated books for all ages, full of nature, history, mystery and imagination.

The Swan and the Golden Hare

Written by Rosie Andersen

The Swan and the Golden Hare is a fable about a beautiful swan called Svanna, a pure-white cygnet who arrives in the world beset with extreme sensitivities; plus a fear that is deeply entrenched, and, if left to run its own course could likely become indelible, hampering her future life. 

Songs of the Trees

Written by Rosie Andersen

This is a tale for the seeker, the adventurer, the inquirer and the curious. At its simplest, it is a tale about walking amongst trees and in woods. In addition, it is about being aware of one’s surroundings and noticing the myriad happenings within nature, from the miniscule to the immense.

The Lost Key

Written by Rosie Andersen

Containing much analogy, The Lost Key is a tale of adventure and fortitude; about the complexities of human nature and our attempts to conquer our demons. With equal importance, it is a story about friendship and the soul connection between the enigmatic characters of Leof and Elyswth.