Artists’ Book

Energy Hub

Handmade by Rosie Andersen. 

Original gel-plate printed and collaged papers. Grey hard covers with ribbon and driftwood tie.  The plans for East Anglia to be the energy hub of the UK are somewhat alarming, particularly here in Suffolk, an area of outstanding natural beauty; and of bird and nature reserves. The coastline is extremely vulnerable to erosion and the building of another nuclear power station plus the siting of massive on-shore wind-power stations will test the limits of local infrastructures, not to mention the destruction of landscapes and wildlife. I have created an 8 page concertina book which reflects the grey and overpowering structures that may come to dominate our skylines and turn this beautiful coastline and landscape into an industrial desert.
Size: Open 60 x 15.5 cms. Closed 15.5 x 7.5 cms.


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